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Dakini is a treasure, she has a profound knowledge of the tarot, astrology,fung shui. she is simply unique. Her dedication and kindness towards her clients is an admirable quality that is truly rare.Her readings are EXTREMELY ACCURATE and insightful, a trustworthy reader whose predictions materialise. She is simply an amazing, gifted reader.

1st time caller, very supportive, confirmed what other readers have said, more detailed though, very positive and compassionate. I now know I will succeed with the one who has my heart after your reading. Sincere, honest, straightforth. All the things I look for in people. I know your predictions will come to pass, Thank You, Peace & Goodwill.

Wanted to say Thank You for everything! Rich and I are back together, as you promised. Definately a top advisor!!.

She stated that the person I was interested would be out of a relationship by July. They were as of last week. She stated he would come back-he did this week being July 10th. Everything has come to pass.

Wow!!! She described my boyfriend to the "T" and knew his pesonality. She is very quick and accurate and to the point. No messing around and thanks for the charts will try to utilize them and make them apart of my repertoire.

Wonderful - picked-up on my situation right away. I think she is the real deal!

What a sweet lady and I really was impressed by how much she picked up on in regards to my situation. A must call.

Wow, thank you so much! You really shed a lot of light onto my situation. If you are thinking of calling her, please do so. She has been generous and kind as well as right on with her assessment. She e-mailed me several times after ONE reading to be sure I got all the information I needed, just to have the opportunity to help me understand better. Wonderful, positive energy!!

Thanks again, just a quick call to see if I was on the right track. You have wonderful positive energy, and I'm looking forward to building a relationship with you, as I love you renergy and giving spirit, it makes me want to be better. Take care Dear! Thank you for taking my call so late in the evening, you must have known I was stressing. She turly cares about her clients, she is doing EVERYTHING she can to help me along on my journey

This woman is so generous! Thank you for the gifts!!! She rocks and she is very good!

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