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What is Tarot?

  Tarot is a mirror of the soulís journey towards enlightenment, an ancient divination system that is quite sophisticated and complex. It is rather an outline or series of experiences leading to Initiation, spiritually speaking, that relates to any and all religions. The symbolism is Universal.

  The deck consists of 78 cards, 56 suit cards and the Major Arcana, otherwise called Trumps, which are 22 Symbolic Picture cards. The Minor Arcana very much resembles a deck or ordinary playing cards with four suits, wands, cups, swords and pentacles. There are court cards for each suit corresponding to clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds in the regular deck. The deck of Tarot was probably brought to Europe by the Romanian gypsies as it was found in Italy as early as the 14th century. Its origin also might have been a game called Tarot (or Tarok), inspired by the Catholic Church to understand lifeís lessons. The game is still played in parts of Europe.

  In a reading the entire Tarot deck is used, 78 cards, (or on some occasions, only the Higher Arcana is used) and can be read by an intuitive or psychic, one who can read symbols and pick up on the energy present in and surrounding the querent or questioner. A comprehensive story or picture is woven together to address a question and/or represents usually the influences of past, present, future, so that the querent might gain deeper awareness into any given situation. Insights are possible through communication with the higher self or a dialogue with the collective unconscious. The symbolic language is rich in the wisdom of the ages. It has the power to lead us into hidden realms, past hurts, deep passions and at the same time, hopes, dreams and illumination for the future. As one with a humanistic approach, I use the tarot as a place to explore spiritual, emotional and psychological issues. It helps the questioner to see their strengths and also to be aware of their challenges. The symbols are a powerful impetus, as they stir in us the archetypal experiences on the human path, initiate or suggest personal growth and can steer one to take the higher road of life.


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