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Feng Shui
Feng Shui Bagua What is Feng Shui?

  Feng Shui has been called the art of placement. Its translation, ‘wind and water’, suggests that this is the way that energy should flow in our environments as like wind and water do. Feng Shui is like doing acupuncture on your environment.  In aligning ourselves with CHI, which is energy or life force, we work to balance ourselves inwardly and outwardly spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically. The result is that life works in a supportive instead of a challenging way.

  Tibetan Black Hat Feng Shui is deeply mystical and originated not only from traditional Chinese Feng Shui, but from the indigenous Bon peoples of pre Buddhist Tibet. They were people who loved the land, revered nature and were shamanic
in their approach to the wisdom teachings.

  The Black Sect recognize that:

• There is no distinction between intention (consciousness) and matter.
• Matter is a result of intention (consciousness).
• There is an ever-present connection or dialogue between the two.
• Creation is the result of a Supreme Intender, Creator/Creatress as Artist.

  Black Sect Feng Shui is based in the constant connection/condition/interaction between the chi of individuals and the chi or the environment.

  Tibetan Black Sect folk wisdom derived from Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Buddhist and Taoist folk wisdom as well as psychology, and, of course, design plays a part.

  It is used to bring about transformation and success according to a person’s wishes and to enhance and/or cure any chosen area of life. Through meditation, rituals and cures, or other natural means, the practitioner can adjust the chi to increase what is already plentiful and correct what is lacking or out of balance. Visible as well as invisible objects or aspects are considered and realigned. Sometimes there are toxic forces or negative energies that are unseen. All dimensions are looked at, evaluated and sometimes a clearing is necessary to bring about balance, clarity and a foundation for change. Transcendental cures (cures meaning ‘to redirect energy’) are those outside our understanding, the invisible realm, as they connect us with the heavenly realm. The power of Feng Shui comes as we synthesize the tangible and intangible with ceremony and secret knowledge passed down from the ancients, though spiritual lineage. Inner, as well as outer adjustments are necessary to bring about the modification as the fate (luck) or karma is affected at the most basic level. As the sacred teachings are transmitted, and feng shui is executed with commitment, joy, comfort, love, health, harmony and abundance are achieved. We are enlivened and inspired as we embrace transformation as a way of life.


Feng Shui Bagua

The Bagua areas are as follows:

• Career
• Benefactors
• Children/Creativity
• Marriage
• Fame
• Wealth
• Ancestors/Family
• New Knowledge
• Health (center)

  When activating a cure, one benefits most by using the Three Secret Reinforcements. This applies to minor additions and changes, and it is the empowerment behind the transcendental cures. It works with Mind, Body and Speech, or respectively, visualization, mudra and mantra. The reinforcements dramatically increase the power of the adjustments one makes. The mudra used is OM MA NI PAD ME HUM.

What does OM MA NI PAD ME HUM REALLY MEAN? (Written by Doris Kozielski)

  Mani means diamond, a most precious jewel, signifying the mind. Padme means Lotus, symbolic of consciousness. And the lotus is synonymous with the heart that is the energetic source of love. When chanted, the syllables of the sacred mantra encompass a positive karmic outcome. Om frees the true believer from the chains of pride and pleasure. Ma purifies the faithful follower of jealousy and lust. Ni emancipates the imprisoned-mind from useless desire and self-absorbed passion. Pad liberates the unconscious mind from prejudice and ignorance. Me cleanses the greedy conscience from the grip of poverty and possessiveness. And Hum releases the wicked heart from the fires of anger that bring forth aggression and hatred. When negative qualities have ceased, this allows room for the positive qualities of an enlightened mind, heart and soul to emerge: patience, effort, loving-kindness, right-intention, meditation, awareness and wisdom.


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